The Airy Jet Engine – Turbine from Fanzart

A fan that looks like a jet engine, illuminates your room in three different moods and provides you with cool air, the Turbine can do everything you’ve imagined a fan ever could.

The Turbine has a tech-savvy, twenty eighteen feel to it that is not found on most ceiling fans. For starters, it looks like the head casing of a jet engine, hence the name, with the propellers popping out as the fan blades. Aeronautics enthusiasts would be on-board with this at first glance.
This particular fan has six blades that span over a total fifty-two inch diameter, it hangs at approximately sixty centimetres from the ceiling and at it’s highest speed, sends a chilling gust of air downwards.

This fan has a 36 Watt multi-color LED Light Kit fitted onto it, which means that it can fully light up the room that it is placed in, and in three different colors, for different moods.
The light settings can be manually altered in order to complement the temperature of the room.

The Turbine comes with a Remote Control system, which includes segregated control for the speeds, the light and a fan timer system which can be a boon on those nights where the temperature drops at around 3AM waking you up from your slumber because the fan is still running.

The Turbine would find its perfect home in an off-white themed home, with a Modern/Contemporary aesthetic.
It would make the perfect style/substance piece that would be looked up to.(Pun intended)
And the Power Saving abilities of this fan would be the perfect conversation starter for the redeemer of the Carbon Footprint.

The Ceiling fan has blades, on one the edges of which is flat, and the other, curved. Now it may seem like an artistic touch, but what it is, is physics set in motion. The change in terrain creates an air pressure difference which allows for more air to be pushed down, and this fan, despite having average sized blades, is able to deliver a lot more. The Acrylic fine material that the blades are made of, make the fan light and sturdy for rapid movement.

To sum everything up, this would be a great One-Time Investment for a Modern/Contemporary home and a very useful one at that, it would save power, and be a complete light/fan/remote set that would grab a lot of eyeballs. It is ideal for Bedrooms, Dining Areas, Living Rooms and Bar Counters, practically fits into its environment very well, wherever it may be.

You can check this fan out Here.

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