melody from fanzart - bluetooth enabled ceiling fan

Melody from Fanzart – Bluetooth Enabled Ceiling Fan

Humans of this age are and will be known for quite sometime for their pursuits to put music everywhere. It all started sometime ago with the initiation of the Loudspeaker that Alexander Graham Bell came up with, and it has gotten both louder, and smaller with time.

Today, we see hundreds of Bluetooth enabled speakers, in our Cars, homes and even showers, and we figured this is no time to stop, so we fitted a ten watt Bluetooth enabled speaker into the fan. To put all of that into a short description where most words require googling…

Multi-tasking is proving to be the order of the day, and the makers of ‘Melody’ have extended the concept to fans with remarkable aplomb. This unique melange of technology and innovation is your ideal companion when you want to enjoy your moments of languor, with your favourite tracks filling the air with rhapsody. And what’s more! The remote control option in this fan enables you to slump on your couch while this little genie from the Fanzart world obeys your every command.

melody from fanzart - bluetooth enabled ceiling fanFanzart Melody

So, yes, as mentioned, the fan comes with a remote control, to set three different speeds, control the LED Light Kit which can dimly light a large room, and pairing the Bluetooth Speaker with your device of choice.

My personal experience is that it is great in a mid-sized room, if you are watching a movie or your favourite TV show on a laptop, and feel the need for surround sound, connecting it to the fan would help with that to quite some extent. Make sure you’re watching something appropriate though, because this thing can get pretty loud.

melody from fanzart - bluetooth enabled ceiling fanCurved ABS FIne Blades

The fan looks quite small, but that does not affect the amount of air it vortexes back into the room. At its highest speed, expect cool gusts of wind hitting you even if you are stuck in a tight corner, trying to unpair your laptop from the fan, because it is loud, seriously, very loud, not kidding.

Modern technology has made it possible for smaller fans to provide the same air circulation as the ones we are used to having in our rooms. And something to consider here is that a lot of fans make a lot of noise, which, if this one did, would interfere with the music, but as a fan, it is as silent as the Christmas Knight.

melody-from-fanzart-bluetooth-enabled-ceiling-fanWaiting for an X-Men Casting Call

The Melody is designed to look simple, modern, chic and can go with a host of interiors easily, it can both indulge into the decor and yet, stand out as a party piece. This is also a very good conversation starter. You can tell your friends about how there is a fan now that has a brilliant BT Speaker attached to it, while your family gives you judgemental looks for THAT. ONE. TIME.

melody-from-fanzart-bluetooth-enabled-ceiling-fan Bright

As all luxury interior products are, this might seem a little over the budget, but it definitely cuts on the cost of an LED Light Kit, a fan and a speaker system, and at this point, given the quality of sound, light and air, the Holy Trinity of home decor that it provides, I would say that it is a no-brainer.

If this power-packed fan seems to grab your attention, make this your next impulse buy. Head over to Amazon, the stocks are limited on this one.

There is a Youtube video up, for reference.

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